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Brad Shannon Bibliography

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Brad Shannon Series Character: Lefty Connor

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Brad Shannon Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
"Lefty" Connor Moves in 1950
So Many Dead 1950
The Lady's for Killing Scion 1950
Blues for My Baby 1950
The Big Snatch Scion 1/6 novel 1950 Cover Artist Ferrari
“Stir” Crazy By Brad Shannon Scion 1950
You Talk Too Much ! 1951
Bury the Guy ! Scion 1951
Fall GUy 1951
'Lefty' Hands it Out 1951
Murder ! So What ? Scion 1951 Cover Artwork Ferrari
Savage Mesa ! Robert Hale 1951
The Dead Don't Cry 1951
Death Pulls No Punches 1951
Don't Mention it ! 1951
Cons on the Run 1951
Rubberneck 1952
Heads You Lose by Brad Shannon 1952
The Countless Steps 1952
A Coffin for 'Lefty' 1952
Sadie Sings the Blues 1952
Death Walks Softly Scion 1952
"Lefty" Takes Over 1952
The Body was Lonely Scion 1952
Some Get it By Brad Shannon Scion 1953
They Say I'm Bad Scion 1953
Trouble Shooting Johnny Robert Hale 1958
The Red Trail Robert Hale 2003 A black horse western

Cover Artist: Ferrari

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Brad Shannon Author Biography - Information About the Author
Brad Shannon is a pseudonym used by Victor John Hansen and Victor Lowe according to the Copyright Catalogue.
When there is no publisher name listed it's because we've not been able to specifically pin it down, probably Scion though.
The list has been put together using several national libraries and copyright catalogues etc, we feel it's pretty exhaustive.
We'd not be surprised to learn of another book or two though so please do let us know any details.
Apart form the Robert Hale Westerns all of the books are rare, we've not seen many over the years.

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