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Boileau and Narcejac Bibliography

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The following Thomas Boileau and Pierre Narcejac bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Paris Edition - Notes
The Woman Who Was Hutchinson 1954 as Celle Qui N'Etait Plus
Paces in the Dark Hutchinson 1955 as Les visages de L' Ombre
The Living and the Dead As Above 1956 Red cloth, gilt. Jacket 12/6
as D'Entre les Morts
The Prisoner Hutchinson 1957 as Les Louves
The Evil Eye Hutchinson 1959 Black cloth, white-red titles. DW 12/6
as Le Mauvais Oeil
Sleeping Beauty Ditto 1959 as Au Eois Dormant
Heart to Heart Hamish Hamilton 1959 as A Coeur Perdu
The Tube Hamish Hamilton 1960 as L'lngenieur Aimait
A "Locked Room Murder" An "Impossible Crime"
Spells of Evil Hamish Hamilton 1961 Blue boards, gilt letters. DW 13/6
as Malefices
Who Was Clare Jallu ? Arthur Barker 1965 as Les Victims
Choice Cuts Arthur Barker 1966 Black cloth, gilt titles. DW 21s
as Et Mon Tout est un Homme

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Author Biography - Further Information
Thomas Boileau and Pierre Narcejac is the pseudonym used by two authors from France. Whilst not a huge output they are sought after and very collectable. Their best known work is probably The Living and the Dead as it was the basis of the movie adaptation for Vertigo. The books were all published in France initially. The only American book that I am aware of is the first novel which was published stateside in 1954 by Rinehart under the title The Woman Who Was No More. Three of the translators that I have to hand are Daphne Woodward, Geoffrey Sainsbury and Brian Rawson. The English first editions also benefit from some striking contemporary dustwrapper artwork. All of the British 1sts are regarded as uncommon, especially so in collectable condition, some are genuinely very rare books and are valued accordingly.

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