Oswell Blakeston

The Night's Moves

Gaberbocchus 1961
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Problem One: Why should a young black American be accused by a black African Government?
Problem Two: What does the bracelet stand for ? Oswell Blakeston specialises hi offbeat books, and now he has written the first Gaberbocchus thriller.
The Sunday Times, writing about this author's last odd novel, HOP THIEF, said: ". . . a fine piece of uncomplicated creation, experimental in the right way".
The Times Literary Supplement added: ". . . sourly and eccentrically funny . . .".
The Spectator found the story: ".. . comic and original, too".
The New Statesman: ". . . engaging and accomplished". Time and Tide; ". . . macabre, amusing, sophisticated".
The publishers hope that readers will be entertained by this new book, one for the criminally curious!

Classic Crime Fiction

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