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Bill S Ballinger Bibliography

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Body in the Bed Harper 1948 UK: 1960 World
The Body Beautiful Ditto 1949 UK: 1960 World
Portrait in Smoke Harper 1950 UK: 1951 Reinhardt
The Darkening Door Ditto 1952  
Rafferty Harper 1953 UK: 1953 Reinhardt
The Black, Black Hearse St Martin's 1955 as Frederic Freyer. UK: 56 Hale
The Tooth and the Nail Harper 1955 UK: 1955 Evans
The Longest Second. Ditto 1957 UK: 1958 Evans
The Wife of the Red-Haired Man Harper 1957 UK: 1957 Evans
Beacon in the Night Ditto 1958 UK: 1960 Boardman
Formula for Murder NAL 1958  
The Doom-Maker Dutton 1959 B.X. Sanborn. UK: 1959 Boardman as
The Blonde on Borrowed Time
The Fourth of Forever Harper 1963 UK: 1963 Boardman
The Chinese Mask NAL 1965  
Not I, Said the Vixen Fawcett 1965  
The Spy in Bangkok NAL 1965  
The Spy in the Jungle NAL 1965  
The Heir Hunters Harper 1966 UK: 1967 TV Boardman
The Spy at Angkor Wa NAL 1966  
The Spy in the Java Sea NAL 1966  
The Source of Fear NAL 1968 UK: 1971 Hale
The 49 Days of Death Sherbourne 1969  
Heist Me Higher NAL 1969 UK: 1971 Robert Hale
The Lopsided Man Pyramid 1969  
The Corsican Dodd Mead 1971 UK: 1976 Robert Hale
The Law Warner 1975  

The Author: Bill S Ballinger

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Further Information
William Sanborn Ballinger, born 13 March 1912 to 23 March 1980, had two main series characters, Barr Breed and Joaquin Hawks. As well as his mystery fiction titles listed in this bibliography, he also screenplays, television plays, a non-criminous novel and a couple of non-fiction works.


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