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N to P
Magdalen Nabb
Beverley Nichols
Gil North

Baroness Orczy

Emma Page
Stuart Palmer
Sara Paretsky
Rupert Penny
R Philmore
A Monmouth Platts
Martin Porlock
Joyce Porter
ER Punshon

Q to R

Ellery Queen

Ian Rankin
Clayton Rawson
Kathy Reichs
Louisa Revell
John Rhode
Craig Rice
Douglas Rutherford

S to T
Dorothy L Sayers
Mabel Seeley
Helen Simpson
Rex Stout
John Stephen Strange
Julian Symons

Phoebe Atwood Taylor
Josephine Tey
June Thomson
Alice Tilton
Malcolm Torrie

V to Z
SS Van Dine
Robert Van Gulik
Roy Vickers

Henry Wade
RAJ Walling
Thurman Warriner
Colin Watson
Patricia Wentworth
Ethel Lina White
Valentine Williams
RD Wingfield
David Wishart
Clifford Witting

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