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Bertram Atkey Series Characters: Smiler Bunn - Prosper fair

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Folk of the Wild Grant Richards 1907 A book of the forests, the moors and the mountains,
of the beasts of the silent places,
their lives, their doings and their deaths
Illustrated by Harry Rountree
The Prodigal Nephew Duckworth 1907 As Bolt, Judson, pseudonym of
Cecil E. Hughes and Bertram Atkey
Illustrations by Fred Bennett
Easy Money Grant Richards 1908 The genuine book of Henry Mitch, his diligent search
for other folk's wealth,
and his urgent fear of the feminine
Illustrated by G. L. Stampa.
The Amazing Mr. Bunn George Newnes 1912 Revised edition 1949 Macdonald
The Golden Lady Ward Lock & Co 1914
The Smiler Bunn Brigade Hodder and Stoughton 1916
Smiler Bunn, Manhunter George Newnes 1920 Not in the British Library listing
Winnie O'Wynn and the Wolves Cassell 1921 US: Little Brown 1922, illus by Leslie F. Benson
Harvest of Javelins Cassell 1922 A tale out of the East
Hercules Sportsman an Entertainmen G. Heath Robinson 1922
The Man with Yellow Eyes George Newnes 1923 US: Dial Press New York 1927
Dustwrapper artist Snell
Smiler Bunn Crook George Newnes 1923 Dust jacket priced at 7/6
Hubin calls for 1929, wrongly, includes
The Adventure of the Wine Vaults
The Pyramid of Lead a Mystery Hutchinson 1924
Winnie O’Wynn and the Dark Horses Hutchinson 1925
Smiler Bunn Byewayman George Newnes 1925
Crooked Things Straight Hutchinson 1927
Salaam Dimity Gay Hutchinson 1927
The Unknown Path D. Appleton 1927 "A tale of Men Women & Great Horses" US edition
Smiler Bunn Gentleman Adventurer Dial Press 1926 No British edition listed
The Midnight Mystery D. Appleton 1928 British Library lists only American edition
Smiler Bunn Crook George Newnes 1929
Mr Dass Hodder and Stoughton 1929 A novel of pursuit and punishment
The House of Strange Victims D. Appleton 1930 BL holds only an American edition
Dust jacket artwork by "H.T."
The Mystery of the Glass Bullet Appleton 1931 British edition or title?
Crooks Castle George Newnes 1935
Arsenic and Gold Herbert Jenkins 1939
The House of Clystevill Herbert Jenkins 1940
The Escapes of Mr. Honey Macdonald & Co 1944 An entertainment comprising the curious adventures
of an English author in the Gulfs of the Bygone
Blue Book Magazine McCall USA Various short stories
The Outlawed Centaur - The Room of Last Chance
A Message on the Hearth - The Easy Street Experts
The Haunted Rajah - Stowaway Aboard Noah's Ark
Hercules in Hell - The Secret of Lo Fat

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Bertram Atkey Author Biography - Information About the Author
Bertram Atkey was born in 1880 and died in 1952, he is included in Hubin's crime fiction reference guide.
Very rare books in dust jacket, sought after by book collectors and priced accordingly.
The Amazing Mr Bunn was continually reprinted for many years.

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