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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Death of a Harlot Laurie 1934 DJ 7/6. US: 1935 Godwin
Spy Ditto 1935 Feb 35. DJ 7/6. US: 1935 Appleton
Secret Servant Gollancz 1935 Sept 35. DJ 7/6. US: 1936 Curl
German Spy Ditto 1936 March 36. DJ 7/6. US: 1936 Curl
The Mussolini Murder Plot Hutchinson 1936 DJ 7/6. US: 1939 Curl
Lady Doctor Woman Spy Hutchinson 1937 DJ 7/6
Death Under Gibraltar Gollancz 1938 DJ 7/6.
Death to the Spy Gollancz 1939 Nov 39. DJ 7/6.
Maginot Line Murder Gollancz 1939 Jan 39. DJ 7/6. US: 1940 Holt, alt' title
Siegfried Spy Ditto 1940 DJ 7/6.
Death to the Fifth Column Ditto 1941 March 41. DJ 8/-
Secret Weapon Ditto 1941 Actually pub' Jan 42. DJ 8/-
Black Market Ditto 1942 Actually pub' Jan 43. DJ 8/6.
Second Front First Spy Ditto 1944 DJ 8/6.
Spy Catchers Gollancz 1945 Feb 45. DJ 8/6
The Spy in the Brown Derby Ditto 1945 Not in English Catalogue of Books
Dead Man Murder Ditto 1946  
Moscow Murder Ditto 1946  
The Flying Saucer Ditto 1948 US: 1950 Macmillan
Shoot Ditto 1949  
Cup Final Murder Ditto 1950 Dust jacket priced 8/6
Centre Court Murder Ditto 1951  
Death at Lord's Ditto 1952 Dustwrapper priced at 9/6
The Wishful Think Hale 1954  
The Double Menace Ditto 1955 US: 1956 Viking
Operation Barbarossa Ditto 1956  
The Otan Plot Ditto 1957  
Taken at the Flood Ditto 1958  
Silver Greyhound Ditto 1960  
This is Your Life Ditto 1963  
The Travelling Executioners Ditto 1964  
The Spy at Number 10 Ditto 1965  
Evil Phoenix Ditto 1966  
Draw the Dragon's Teeth Ditto 1967  
The Jail-Breakers Ditto 1968  

Bernard Newman as Don Betteridge

Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Scotland Yard Alibi Herbert Jenkins 1938 DJ 7/6
Cast Iron Alibi Jenkins 1939 DJ 7/6
Balkan Spy Ditto 1942 Not in ECB
The Escape of General Gerard Ditto 1943 DJ 7/6
Dictator's Destiny Ditto 1945 Not in ECB
The Potsdam Murder Plot Ditto 1947  
Spies Left Hale 1950  
Not Single Spies Hale 1951  
Spy Counter Spy Ditto 1953  
The Case of the Berlin Spy Ditto 1954  
The Gibraltar Conspiracy Ditto 1955  
The Spies of Peenemunde Ditto 1958  
Contact Man Ditto 1960  
The Package Holiday Spy Case Ditto 1962  

Further Information
Bernard Newman, born 1897 and died 1968, is better known as a travel writer and was extremely prolific. We have included only his criminous books in this bibliography but there are a huge number of other titles. He had three main series characters, Inspector Marshall, papa Pontivy and Tiger Lester. Very few of the books saw an American publication but we have noted all those that did. Whilst there is a heavy espionage/thriller base to many of the above, there are enough good old English mysteries to warrant his inclusion on this site.


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