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Ben Sarto Series Character: Miss Otis

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Ben Sarto Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Queen of crook's harem Modern Fiction 1946
Chicago dames 1946 Cover artwork by H.W. Perl
She ruled with a rod 1947
Grand Graft hotel 1948
Miss Otis throws a come-back Modern Fiction 1948 Cover artist by H.W. Perl
Miss Otis comes to Piccadilly 1948
Bowery Birdie. [A novel] 1949 Cover artist H.W. Perl
Killer in Love. 1949 Ben Sarto
Chain gang queenie Beacon Publishing 1949
I Kill 'em Inch by Inch Modern Fiction 1949
Miss Otis Goes Up 1949 Cover artwork by H.W. Perl
Miss Otis Throws a Come-Back 1949 Cover artwork by H.W. Perl
Dames can be Poison 1949 As related to Ben Sarto by Jack Richmond
I'll Get By 1949
Miss Otis has a Daughter Modern Fiction 1949
Tombstones are Free to Quitters 1949
Pinday and the White Slaver 1949 Sarto, Ben
Soho Spivs 1949
There's Always a Dame 1949
Duchess of Dope by Ben Sarto Modern Fiction 1949 Cover artist H.W. Perl
Hi-Jacker's Lady 1949
“Jews” Pellegrini 1949
Queen of Crook's Harem 1949
She talked with a gun 1950
Lida takes plenty Modern Fiction 1952
Kept Beacon Publishing 1951 Not in the Britsih Library
Beech on the Boulevard 1952
City of Sin 1952
The Oldest Profession Modern Fiction 1952
Take what's coming 1952
Tigress of Brazil 1952 Book written by Ben Sarto
Floozie takes Lawman Modern Fiction 1952
Manhattan Terrors 1952
Corrupted Women 1952
The Wolf shows his Teeth 1952
Milestone American thriller Milestone 1952/3 Short story compilation
The lady bites by Ben Sarto
Gorilla Moll 1953
Miss Otis Says yes Milestone 1953
Gangster's Lady 1953
Miss Otis Makes a Date Milestone 1953
Miss Otis Takes the Rap 1953
Miss Otis Goes French Milestone 1953 Not in the Britsih Library
Miss Otis Blows Town Milestone 1953 Not in the Britsih Library
Kiss me, kill me 1953
Miss Otis Plays Eve Milestone 1953
Miss Otis Moves In Milestone 1953
Blood and Blondes 1954 Author Ben Sarto
Rope for a Lady 1954
Snake-Hips. 1954
They burn for me Modern Fiction 1954
Bodies Fetch Good Prices Beacon 1954 Author Ben Sarto
Miami for Murder 1954
Death rides the Train 1954
Elsa the Terrible 1954
Corpse in the Cabin 1954
Miss Otis desires Milestone Publications 1954
Miss Otis relents Milestone Publications 1954
Miss Otis Makes Hay Milestone 1954
Sinister Wooing Modern Fiction 1954
Miss Otis Plays Ball Milestone 1954
Viper's Brood 1954
Dead Reckoning 1955
Dread 1955
Take over, Angel 1955
Claws for a Cutie 1955
Disillusioned 1955 Ben Sarto book
Fear 1955
Eastside Exposure 1955
Death by the Seine 1956
House of Sin 1956
Micky's Hide 1956
Dead don't cry 1956
Dynamite 1956
Blonde Horror 1956 Ben Sarto book
Crooked Lady 1956
The Pace grows Hotter 1956
Vice Volcano 1956
Down-River Dolls 1957
Satan is Blonde 1957
The dead don't cry 1957
Vice City 1957
You die in Valpaso 1957
Baby Moll Modern Fiction 1957 By J.A. Jordan [or rather, Ben Sarto]
Death for a Dumb-Bell 1957
Espionage 1957
Swamp Fever 1957
Dangerous Blonde 1957
Million Dollar Murder 1957
The Vicious Breed 1957
Crooked Lady 1957
Pleasure Girl 1957
Where you throw Blood 1957
Riviera Nights 1958
Hot Dames die Cold 1958 Ben Sarto book
Stay out of Menchis 1958
Diamonds for a Blonde 1958
Hire me a Rope Modern Fiction 1958

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Ben Sarto Author Biography - Information About the Author
Ben Sarto is a very prolific name, amazed? Don't be, Ben Sarto was a House Name used by the publisher.
Some of the authors who wrote under the Ben Sarto pen name were: Frank Dubrez Fawcett - Spike Gordon - Griff - Elmer Eliot Saks.
When no publisher is given it's lamost certainly "Modern Fiction" - the British and Oxford Library often do not state publishers on books like this.
Collectors of Pulp Fiction paperbacks are very keen on Ben Sarto, they are surprisingly scarce given the number of titles written, they are also priced accordingly.
Some great period cover artwork, usually lurid for the period, sometimes known today as "Good Girl Art" - not a term we like!
This list of books is exhaustive but we have found books not listed in any of the major UK reference libraries so this bibliography is probaly not quite complete - especially when it comes to reprints under different titles.
Some of these Ben Sarto books were reprinted a couple of years later by the same publisher under the same title so book collectors need to beware of reprints and first editions.

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