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Ben Bolt Series Characters:
Captain Grandison - Inspector Godbold - Bob Ponting - John Scarlett

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Ben Bolt Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Shadows of the Yamen Heath Robinson 1921
The Diamond Buckled Shoe Heath Robinson 1921
Diana of the Islands Heath Robinson 1921
The Impossible Lover Heath Robinson 1921
The Pride of the Ring Heath Robinson 1921 Hubin, wrongly, calls for "King" not "Ring"
The Gay Corinthian Herbert Jenkins 1924
Know Thyself! W. M. Egdell 1924 A Ben H. Bolt. Published in Newcastle re BL
A Corinthian's Bride Herbert Jenkins 1926
The Mystery of Belvoir Mansions Ward Lock 1927
The Sword of Fortune 1927
Captain Lucifer 1928
The Badge 1928
The Jewels of Sin 1928
The Other Three Ward Lock 1929
The Buccaneer's Bride 1929
The Coil of Mystery 1930 Dustwrapper priced 7/6 on spine
The Subway Mystery 1930
The Forest Ranger 1931
The Sealed Envelope Ward Lock 1931
The Bushmaster 1932
The Mystery Hand 1932
The Snapshot Mystery 1933
The Green Arrow 1933
The Lavenham Mystery Ward Lock 1933
The Burnt Caravan 1934
A Shot in the Night 1934
Wayland of The Guides 1934
The Green Lantern 1935
The Unseen Witness Ward Lock 1935
The Crooked Sign 1935
The Gay Pilgrimage 1936
The Five Red Stars 1936
The Empty House Mystery 1936
By Breathless Ways 1937 Dublin Library misspells title
Masked Danger Ward Lock 1937
The Sundial Clue 1937
A Desperate Remedy 1938 Dust jacket artwork by Abbey. Price 7/6
Linked by Peril 1939
The Girl in the Train Ward Lock 1939
A Modern Delilah Mellifont Press 1943
The Mystery of Airedale Hall Mellifont Press 1944

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Ben Bolt Author Biography - Information About the Author
Ben Bolt is a pseudonym of Ottwell Binns born 1872.
When you see no mention of the publisher it is Ward Lock.
Crime fiction book collectors will already know these books are rare in dust jacket.
Beware of reprints! Ward Lock titles of the 1930s which have a number on the spine of the dust jacket are later reprints often innocently described as first editions - they are not!
They often used the same text blocks so there's no mention of reprint but researching other titles listed can show them to be often some years later.
We have included all of the books held by the main UK institutional libraries, some not in Hubin, so hopefully this is a complete list of Ben Bolt's books.
No American editions known.

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