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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Beware the Pale Horse Mill 1951 UK: 1952 Muller
Alibi at Dusk As Above 1951 UK: 1952 Corgi
Lily in Her Coffin As Above 1952 UK: 1954 Boardman
Stamped for Murder Mill 1952 UK: 1955 Gannet
Target in Taffeta As Above 1953 UK: 1955 Collins
The Venus Death As Above 1953 UK: 1954 Muller
The Girl in the Cage As Above 1954 UK: 1955 Collins
The Burning Fuse Mill 1954 UK: 1956 Collins
Broken Shield As Above 1955 UK: 1957 ditto
The Silver Cobweb As Above 1955 UK: 1956 ditto
The Ninth Hour As Above 1956 UK: 1957 ditto
The Black Mirror Mill 1957 UK: 1958 ditto
The Running Man As Above 1957 UK: 1958 Collins
The Affair of the Exotic Dancer As Above 1958  
The Blonde in Black Mill 1959  
The End of Violence As Above 1959 UK: 1959 Collins
Seven Steps East As Above 1959  
The Frightened Ladies As Above 1960  
The Huntress Is Dead Mill 1960  

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Benjamin Benson Author Bigraphy - Further Information
Benjamin Benson, born in Boston America, 1915 to 1959, had two main series characters: Trooper Ralph Lindsay and Detective Inspector Wade Paris. Ben Johnson also wrote Hoboes of America: Sensational Life Story as well as four uncollected short mystery stories.

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