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George Bellairs

Outrage on Gallows Hill

John Gifford 1949
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On the night of September 25th. everything is as it should be in the beauty-spot village of Ravelstone. The Village Institute ladies are being lectured; and Lovers' Lane has its full complement of courting couples. [Jut at 9.45 p.m., young Ronald Free is murdered as he leaves his fiancee, Laura Cruft. Inspector Littlejohn, of Scotland Yard, is called to the scene of the crime— and how he investigates it provides an exciting, entertaining mystery story told in the inimitable George Bellairs manner.

THE night of Tuesday, September 25th, 1945, was as black as pitch in the village of Ravelstone. The rural council, jealous of the beauty of the place, would have nothing to do with street lamps. Most of the houses had their curtains or blinds drawn and you couldn't see an inch before your nose. Lovers who had not made a precise rendezvous were hunting about for one another like participants in a game of blind-man's-buff. Those whose affairs were open and above board called each other softly by name and ultimately met, greatly to their joy and satisfaction. The clandestine ones, however, had a bad time, and many of them returned home very late and in an exhausted condition after fruitlessly prowling in the dark for hours.

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