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Francis Beeding

Pretty Sinister

Hodder & Stoughton 1926
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"Francis Beeding comes into the front rank of those who succeed in making their readers sit up until the book is finished"

— "It is quite an excellent political thriller, and moves at a prodigious pace." Sttttl£S— "He plunges straight into mystery, impersonation, murder and high politics . . .it comes near enough to practical politics to make the reader glance anxiously at the map of Europe and thank his stars that the Italian police have hitherto shown themselves eminently proficient." CeIeffta}JJ)~"Here is a straightforward and exciting thriller of the first order. Realistically the scene is laid in Rome, and the story is that of an international financial gang's efforts to embroil Italy, and consequently Europe, in a new war. 'II Duce' appears, thinly disguised.and the frustration of the conspiracy by a lovable British secret agent involves him and his protege in hairbreadth escapes and thrilling adventures, all vividly told."

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