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Francis Beeding

Hell Let Loose

Hodder & Stoughton 1937
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SANE MAN A master Secret Service story.

UNDERTAKERS Thrills, dangers, escapes and hurried journeys.

FISHERS In this story Mr. Seeding returns to the field of international intrigue.

ARMOURERS " What a blessing Mr. Heeding is in a dull world."— News Chronicle.

FLAMBOYS " Five of the most villainous super-villains that ever appeared in fiction."—News Chronicle-

PROUD WALKERS " He sets out to do more than delight and thrill his reader."—The Times Literary Supplement.

SLEEPERS " If you want a real thrill—a series of thrills following breathlessly one upon another—read this book."—Daily Sketch.

CROOKED TRENCHES " A most exciting book. It carries the reader from page to page without giving him any chance to stop reading."—The-Morning Post.

WAXED FACES " I freely admit that in this tale he provides a series of adventures and misadventures that are full of pith and palpitations."—Punch.

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