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Francis Beeding

The 12 Disguises

Hodder & Stoughton 1942
Jacket artwork Bip Pares

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We all regard General Creighton's disappearance as a major calatrity," declared the Prime Minister to Colonel Granby. "We needed Creighton's advice and we shall continue to need it. Creighton, like most other men, has his price. He told me bluntly that if we did not help to get him into France, he would cease giving us advice which we seldom followed." "Did Creighton say what he hoped to achieve by his mission ? " The Prime Minister nodded. "He said he hoped to shorten the war by at least a year. Nobody, of course, ever believes Creighton and everyone lives to regre: it. We want him back. Have you anyone in mind for the job ? " *' With your permission, sir," I said, "I shall go myself."

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