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Francis Beeding

The League of Discontent

Hodder & Stoughton 1930
Jacket artwork Eugene Hastain

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THE SIX PROUD WALKERS BY FRANCIS BEEDING DAILY MAIL—" It is quite an excellent political thriller, and moves at a prodigious pace." DAILY TELEGRAPH—" Here is a straight-forward and exciting thriller of the first order. Realistically the scene is laid in Rome, and the story is that of an international financial gang's efforts to embroil Italy, and consequently Europe, in a new war. . . . Hairbreadth escapes and thrilling adventures, all vividly told." THE TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT— " Francis Beeding sets out to do more than delight and thrill his readers."

PRETTY SINISTER BY FRANCIS BEEDING DAILY MAIL—" Mr. Francis Beeding has achieved another great success which will keep every reader of it on tenterhooks to the very last page. No one will be disappointed in this book." SKETCH—" You will certainly have to be in at the death once you have joined the field." STAR—" A thriller that causes one to sit up in more than one sense."

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