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Nina Bawden

The Odd Flamingo

Collins Crime Club 1954
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Nina Bawden

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ROSE BLACKER, very young and very beautiful, was a pathetic figure when she came to tell Celia Stone that she was to have a baby for which Humphrey, Celia's husband, was responsible. She produced love letters from Humphrey which seemed to be conclusive proof of his guilt. Shaken by doubts, and fearful of the future for her family should the scandal become public, Celia sent for Will Hunt, her old flame and friend, the narrator of this story. Will tried to help, but the murder which soon followed added terribly to the network of troubles Humphrey had made for himself. Will's seemingly ineffective enquiries brought him' in touch with some very queer and seedy characters, all members of that disreputable little clubcalled The Odd Flamingo, and landed him in some very unexpected troubles. THE ODD FLAMINGO has the same gripping suspense and the same foreboding atmosphere as Nina Bawden's first crime story

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