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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Arrest These Men Cassell 1932 ECB states 'cheap edition 3/6
Raffles After Dark Cassell 1933 DJ 7/6. US: 1933 Day as The Return of R....
Raffles in Pursuit Cassell 1934 Apr 34. Dust jacket priced 7/6
Enemy of Women Cassell 1934 Aug 34. Dustwrapper priced 7/6
Ladies in Retreat Cassell 1935 DJ priced 7/6
Raffles Under Sentence Cassell 1936 Jan 36. DJ priced 7/6
She Married Raffles Cassell 1936 Sept 36. DJ priced 7/6
Raffles' Crime in Gibraltar Amal' Press 1937 Not in the ECB. US: 1939 Curl as They Hang them in Gibraltar
Raffles vs. Sexton Blake Amal' Press 1937 Not listed in the ECB
Ask No Mercy Cassell 1937 Mar 37. DJ priced 7/6
I'm No Murderer Cassell 1938 Dust cover 7/6. US: 1939 Curl
Night Call Hutchinson 1939 as Pat Merriman. July 39. DW 7/6
The Girl on Zero Cassell 1939 Sept 39. Dust jacket priced 7/6
The ARP Mystery Amal' Press 1939 Not in the ECB
Blonde Without Escort Cassell 1940 Mar 40. Dustwrapper priced 8/3
The Whispering Cracksman Cassell 1940 Dec 40. DJ 7/6. US: 1941 Arcadia as Ten Words of Poison
Raffles and the Key Man Lippincott 1940 US edition
Gibraltar Prisoner Cassell 1942 Not in ECB. US: 1942 Arcadia as All Exits Blocked
The Tilted Moon Cassell 1949 US: 1950 Mill as Rogues Island
A Singular Conspiracy Merrill 1974 US edition

as Philip Atkey

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Blue Water Murder Cassell 1935 Blue cloth, yellow titles.
Dust jacket priced 7/6
Heirs of Merlin Cassell 1945 Dust jacket priced 7/6
Juniper Rock Cassell 1953  

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Barry Perowne Biography - Further Information
Barry Perowne, born 1908 in England and real name Philip Atkey, is best known for his revival of EW hornung's series character The Gentleman Crook. The stories depict a slightly different version of the character and the settings lack something of the atmosphere of the original stories, that said they are well done with exciting plot lines.

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