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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Take Me Alive Robert Hale 1961  
Rich to Die Robert Hale 1962 Yellow cloth, black letters. Jacket 10/6
Black Widow Robert Hale 1963  
Plague Spot Robert Hale 1965  

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Further Information
Barbara Tutton, born 1914, was the pen mane for Ivy Curtis. Sadly we have not been able to source any further information. Synopsis: Woods Rough was a strange name for a house but Clare who went to the house as a nurse to the baby there soon found out that the family was a little strange as well. Before long she began to receive anonymous letters. She really wanted to leave but a sense of love and devotion to the baby in her care kept her on in her position, despite grave worries and reservations. The spectre of danger was hovering over her.


Classic Crime Fiction

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