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Barbara Ninde Byfield Bibliography

US & UK First Edition Books in Order

Barbara Ninde Byfield Series Characters: Simon Bede and Helen Bullock

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Barbara Ninde Byfield Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Eating in Bed Cookbook Macmillan 1962 UK: Longmans 1963
Glass Harmonica Macmillan 1967 A lexicon of the fantastical. Illus. by the author
Haunted Spy Doubleday 1969 Author illustrated
Haunted Churchbell Doubleday 1971
Haunted Ghost Doubleday 1973
Book of Weird Doubleday 1973 A most desirable lexicon of the fantastical
Illustrated by the author
Solemn High Murder Doubleday 1975 With Frank L. Tedeschi
UK: Peter Davies 1976
A church based mystery
Haunted Tower Doubleday 1976
Forever Wilt Thou Die Doubleday Crime Club 1976
Smedley Hoover, His Day Doubleday 1976 photographs by Sara Krulwich
A Harder thing than Triumph Doubleday 1977
Andrew and the Alchemist Doubleday 1977 Illustrated by Deanne Hollinger
UK title: The Man Who Made Gold
Scholastic Books 1977
A Parcel of their Fortunes Doubleday 1979 Book set in Morocco
Poison Clean - Short Story Davis 1983 Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine May 1983

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Barbara Ninde Byfield Author Biography - Information About the Author
Barbara Ninde Byfield was born in 1930 and died in 1988, she was an American author and is listed in Hubin.
In order to provide a complete list of books in order we've included all of the books held by the US Library of Congress and the British Librray in this bibliography.
For mystery book readers and collectors the four crime fiction titles all feature Simon Bede and Helen Bullock and are as follows: Parcel of their Fortunes, A Harder thing than Triumph, Forever Wilt Thou Die and Solemn High Murder.
British publications included as and when applicable, including alternative title.
There are also a number of books written by other authors that were illustrated by Barbara Ninde Byfield, not included here but for those interested they are listed in the US LoC.

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