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The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
McAllister and His Double Scribner 1905 UK: 1905 Newnes
Mortmain Appleton 1907  
The Confessions of Artemas Quibble Scribner 1911  
CQ or In the Wireless House Century 1912  
Tutt and Mr Tutt Scribner 1920  
By Advice of Counsel Ditto 1921  
The Hermit of Turkey Hollow Scribner 1921  
Tut Tut Mr Tutt Ditto 1923 UK: 1924 Nash
Page Mr Tutt Ditto 1926  
The Blind Goddess Scribner 1926  
When Tutt Meets Tutt Ditto 1927  
The Adventures of Ephraim Tutt Scribner 1930  
Tutt for Tutt Ditto 1934  
Manhattan Murder Ditto 1936  
Mr Tutt Takes the Stand Ditto 1936  
Murderer's Medicine Constable 1937 UK only. DJ 7/6
Old Man Tutt Scribner 1938  
Mr Tutt Comes Home Ditto 1941  
Yankee Lawyer Scribner 1943  
Mr Tutt Finds a Way Ditto 1945  

Further Information
Arthur Train, born 1875 and died 1945, had one main series character, fairly obviously from above, he appeared inmost of the books. He also wrote some seventeen novels of a non-criminous nature and ten works of non-fiction. The author was an Assistant District Attorney in New York County, his experiences providing much of the background and humour for his series character. Few of the books saw an English edition, those that did are duly noted.


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