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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Ursula Vanet Bale 1921  
Pillars of Salt Duckworth 1922  
The Primrose Path Duckworth 1923  
The Yellow Dragon Hutchinson 1924  
The Gold Cat Hutchinson 1925 Not in the ECB
The Danger Game Hutchinson 1926 DW 7/6
Live Bait Hutchinson 1927 Dust jacket 7/6
Modern Cameos Hutchinson 1928 Jan 28. Dustwrapper 7/6
White Snake Hutchinson 1928 Apr 28. DW 7/6
The Blue Spider Collins 1929 Mar 29. DW 7/6
Pursued Ditto 1929 Oct 29. DW 7/6
The Apache Girl Collins 1930 Apr 30. DW 7/6
Intrigue Island Ditto 1930 Sept 30. DW 7/6
Escapade Ditto 1931 Apr 31. DW 7/6
Stowaway Collins 1931 Sept 31. DW 7/6
One Man's Secret Ditto 1932 Apr 32. DW 7/6
Judgment of Death Ditto 1932 Oct 32. DW 7/6
Gentleman of Rio Collins 1933 Apr 33. DW 7/6
Black Royalty Ditto 1933 Oct 33. DW 7/6
The Ant Heap Hutchinson 1934 Jan 34. DW 7/6
Paris Agent Collins 1935 DW 7/6
Brighton Alibi Ditto 1936 Jan 36. DW 7/6
Cafe in Montparnasse Collins 1936 Oct 36. DW 7/6
French Girl Ditto 1937 DW 6/-
The Broken Sword. Ditto 1938 DW 7/6
Jewel Thief. Collins 1939 DW 7/6
White Negro Ditto 1940 DW 7/6
Don't Touch the Body Collins 1947  
Shroud of Snow Evans 1950  
Last seen Alive Evans 1951 Black boards gilt letters
Your Number Is Up Evans 1952  
The Jockey Died First Staples 1953  
The Maliday Mystery Staples 1954  

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Arthur Mills Author Biography - Further Information
Arthur Mills ( Hobart ) was born in 1887. Taken from 1951 blurb:

Arthur Mills is the son of the Rev, Barton Mills and Lady Catherine Mills. He was educated at Wellington and Sandhurst and was gazetted into the Duke of Corn wall's Light Infantry in 1908. He has served in China, France and Palestine.
Mr. Mills is at present living in Hampshire where his main recreations are golf and gardening. In addition to books of short stories he has published over twenty novels

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