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Armstrong Livingston Series Character: Jimmy Treynor - Peter Creighton

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Armstrong Livingston Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Mystery of the Twin Rubies Moffat Yard 1922 UK: Stanley Paul 1923
The Juju-Man Siebel Publishing 1926 With Thomas H. Griffiths. Not in Hubin
On the Right Wrists Chelsea House 1925 UK: Jarrolds 1927. Reissued A.L. Burt, 1925
Light Fingered Ladies: a detective story Chelsea House 1927 UK: Jarrolds 1928
Monk of Hambleton R.D. Henkle 1928
The Guilty Accuser Chelsea House 1928 UK: Jarrolds 1988. Book set in New York
The Doublecross R.D. Henkle 1929 UK: Skeffington 1929
Reprinted by International Fiction Library Cleveland (1929)
The Monster in the Pool Bobbs-Merrill 1929 UK: Skeffington 1930
Trackless Death Bobbs-Merrill 1930 UK: Skeffington 1930
The Murder Trap Bobbs-Merrill 1931 UK: Skeffington 1932
In Cold Blood Bobbs-Merrill 1931 UK: Skeffington 1932
Murder is Easy Skeffington 1933 US: Speller 1936
Magic for Murder Skeffington 1936 US: Cavalcade 1945
Not in Library of Congress
Night of Crime Sovereign House 1938 No British edition
Murdered and the Missing Stephen-Paul 1947 With Capt. John G. Stein
The Case Of The Walking Corpse Lucom 1945 Ppaerback original. Could be 1946

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Armstrong Livingston Author Biography - Information About the Author
Armstrong Livingston was born in 1885 and is a Hubin listed author.
There are some uncollected short-stories in early pulp magazines
American first editions in dust jacket are obtainable though not common.
The British editions are much rarer in dustwrapper.
There are paperbacks available for readers and some titles are available on a modern "print on demand" paperback format

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