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Anthony Wynne Series Character: Dr Eustace Hailey

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Mystery of the Evil Eye : A Novel Hutchinson 1925 US: Lippincott 1925 as
The Sign of Evil
The Double Thirteen Mystery Hutchinson 1926 Dust jacket by M.S.E.
US: Lippincott 1926
Sinners Go Secretly
Being pages from the diary of Dr Eustace Hailey
Hutchinson 1927 Dust jacket by Nick
US: Lippincott 1927
The Horseman of Death Hutchinson 1927 US: Lippincott 1928
The Mystery of the Ashes Hutchinson 1927 Dustwrapper priced 7/6
US: Lippincott 1927
The Dagger Hutchinson 1928 US: Lippincott 1929
Red Scar Hutchinson 1928
The Fourth Finger Hutchinson 1929 US: Lippincott 1929
The Room with the Iron Shutters Hutchinson 1929 Dust jacket by Nick
The Blue Vesuvius Hutchinson 1930 US: Lippincott 1931
The Yellow Crystal Hutchinson 1930 US: Lippincott 1930
The Silver Arrow Hutchinson 1931 US: Lippincott 1932 as
The White Arrow
Murder of a Lady Hutchinson 1931 US: Lippincott 1931 as
The Silver Scale Mystery
Case of the Green Knife Hutchinson 1932 US: Lippincott 1931 as The Green Knife
Case of the Red-Headed Girl Hutchinson 1932 US: Lippincott 1933 as The Cotswold Case
The Loving Cup Hutchinson 1933 US: Lippincott 1933 as
Death Out of the Night
The Case of the Gold Coins. Hutchinson 1933 US: Lippincott 1934
Death of a Banker Hutchinson 1934 US: Lippincott 1934
The Holbein Mystery Hutchinson 1935 Dust jacket artowrk by Roberts Johnson
US: Lippincott 1935 as The Red Lady
The Toll House Murder Hutchinson 1935 US: Lippincott 1935
Murder in thin Air Hutchinson 1936 US: Lippincott 1936
Death of a Golfer Hutchinson 1937 US: Lippincott 1937
Reprinted as Murder in the Morning
Death of a king Hutchinson 1938 US: Lippincott 1938 as Murder Calls Dr Hailey
Door Nails Never Die Hutchinson 1939 US: Lippincott 1939
The House on the Hard Hutchinson 1940
Emergency Exit Hutchinson 1941 US: Messner 1944
Murder in a Church Hutchinson 1942
Death of a Shadow Hutchinson 1950

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Anthony Wynne Biography - Information About the Author
Anthony Wynne is a pseudonym of Robert McNair Wilson born 1882 and died 1963.
Collectors will find most, if not all, UK first editions undated.
American editions are noted when applicable but British books precede in all cases
The books are all scarce in dust jacket down to very rare the earlier the titles.
Dr Eustace Hailey is an underrated amateur sleuth, certainly as good as many who are better known

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