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Series characters Chief Inspector David Webb & Sergeant Kenneth Jackson

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Designs of Annabelle Mills & Boon 1971
Laura Possessed Milton House Books 1974
Home Through the Dark Milton House Books 1975
Whistler’s Lane Milton House Books 1975
Breath of Brimstone Corgi 1980 Paperback original ?
Presence of Mind Corgi 1980 British Library list only paperback
Island in Waiting Robert Hale 1979
The Stone Robert Hale 1980
A Shroud for Delilah Collins Crime Club 1984
A Necessary End Collins Crime Club 1985
Pretty Maids all in a Row Collins Crime Club 1986 Dust jacket priced at £7.95
Death Speaks Softly Collins Crime Club 1987
The Nine Bright Shiners Collins Crime Club 1987 Dust jacket priced at £9.95
Six Proud Walkers Collins Crime Club 1988
The April Rainers Collins Crime Club 1989
Symbols at your Door Collins Crime Club 1990
The Lily White Boys Collins Crime Club 1991
Three three the Rivals Collins Crime Club 1992 Jacket photo by Colin Thomas
The Gospel Makers Collins Crime 1994
The Seven Stars Collins Crime 1995
The Macbeth Prophecy Severn House 1995
One is One and All Alone Collins Crime 1996 Dust jacket priced at £14.99
The Ten Commandments Harper Collins 1997
Motive for Murder Severn House 1997
Dangerous Deception Severn House 1998
Eleven That Went to Heaven Severn House 1999
The Twelve Apostles Severn House 1999
Past Shadows Severn House 2001
Fathers and Daughters Severn House 2002
Brought to Book Severn House 2003 Featuring Rona Parish
Jigsaw Severn House 2004 Rona Parish
Person or Persons Unknown Severn House 2005 Rona Parish
A Family Concern Severn House 2006 Rona Parish
Rogue in Porcelain Severn House 2007 Rona Parish
Next Door to Murder Severn House 2008 Rona Parish
Thicker than Water Severn House 2009

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