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Annie Haynes
Series Characters: Inspector Furnival and Inspector Stoddart

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the crime and mystery fiction titles
When you see 2 books in the same year I'm not yet sure of chronology
Only two books were published in America
All of the books are rare, especially so in dust jackets

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Buy Books by Annie Haynes

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Bungalow Mystery Bodley Head 1923
The Abbey Court Murder Bodley Head 1923
The Secret of Greylands Bodley Head 1924 US: 1925 Watt
The Witness on the Rood Bodley Head 1925
The Blue Diamond Bodley Head 1925
The House in Charlton Crescent Bodley Head 1926
The Master of the Priory Bodley Head 1927
The Crow's Inn Tragedy Bodley Head 1927 US: 1927 Dodd Mead
The man with the Dark Beard Bodley Head 1928
The Crime at Tattenham Bodley Head 1929
Who Killed Charmaine Karslake ? Bodley Head 1926 US:  1930 Dodd Mead
The Crystal Beads Murder Bodley Head 1930

Annie Haynes Biography
Annie Haynes the mystery author is something of a mystery herself. All I know is above and that she passed away in 1929, if you can help with any information please do get in touch.


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