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Angus Ross
Series Character Marcus Aurelius Farrow aka Mark Farrow

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the crime and mystery fiction titles
All of the books, bar one noted, feature the author's series character Mark Farrow
All of the US publications known are noted, as can be seen most are UK only
The books are uncommon due to low print runs.
Many are former public library copies and fine early titles do fetch reasonable prices

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Manchester Thing John Long 1970
The Huddersfield Job John Long 1971
The London Assignment John Long 1972
The Dunfermline Affair John Long 1973
The Bradford Business John Long 1974
The Amsterdam Diversion John Long 1974
The Leeds Fiasco John Long 1975
The Edinburgh Exercise John Long 1975
The Ampurias Exchange John Long 1976 US: 1977 Walker
The Aberdeen Conundrum John Long 1977
The Burgos Contract John Long 1978 US: 1979 Walker
The Congleton Lark John Long 1979
The Hamburg Switch John Long 1980 US: 1980 Walker
The Menwith Triangle Robert Hale 1982
The Darlington Jaunt Robert Hale 1983 US: 1984 Walker
The Bad April Chivers Press 1984 Not Marcus Farrow
The Luxembourg Run Firecrest 1985 BL also lists Chivers Large Print
The Tyneside Ultimatum Chivers Press 1988
The Congleton Lark Chivers Press 1988 Reissue
The Amsterdam Diversion Chivers Press 1989
The Leipzig Manuscript Chivers Press 1991
The Last One Chivers 1992

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Angus Ross Biography
Angus Ross is a pseudonym used by Kenneth Giggal, British born author 1927, worked in publishing and Fleet Street before becoming an author. The books are more spy/ political thrillers rather than Crime Fiction.

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