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Angus Hall Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Angus Hall Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Love in Smoky Regions Constable 1962
The High-Bouncing Lover Hammond 1966
The Come-Uppance of Arthur Hearne Hammond 1967 Dustwrapper by Barbara Walton
Live Like a Hero Hammond 1967
Qualtrough Herbert Jenkins 1968 Also published as Devilday and Madhouse
Devilday Sphere Books 1969 See Qualtrough above
The Late Boy Wonder Herbert Jenkins 1969 US: Ace 1970
A Long Way to Fall WH Allen 1971 Dust jacket by Colin Andrews, price 1.75 [35s net]
The Scars of Dracula Sphere Books 1971 Based on the screenplay for the Hammer film
Paperback original, reprinted in hardback Severn House: 1987
US: Beagle 1971
To Play the Devil Sphere Books 1971 Paperback original ?
The Gentle Sex Sphere Books 1972 Softcover original ?
On the Run George Harrap 1974
Signs of Things to Come Aldus Books 1975
Monsters and Mythic Beasts Aldus Books 1975
Strange Cults Aldus Books 1976
Mysteries of Prediction Aldus Books 1978
The Rigoletto Murder Robert Hale 1978
Self-Destruct Severn House 1985

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Angus Hall Author Biography - Information About the Author
Angus Hall was born in 1932 and is a Hubin listed author.
We've included all the books listed in the British Library and Oxford Bodleian in this bibliography, many of them not listed in Hubin.
These books are collectable.

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