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Andrew York Series Characters: Colonel Munroe Tallant - Jonas Wilde

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Eliminator Hutchinson 1966 US: Lippincott 1967
Basis of the film Danger Route
Movie features Richard Johnson, Diana Dors
The Co-Ordinator Hutchinson 1967 US: Lippincott 1967
Plot based in Scandanavia
The Predator Hutchinson 1968 US: Lippincott 1968
A US spy dies in Italy after giving away vital information
The Deviator Hutchinson 1969 US: Lippincott 1969
British Secret Service assassin goes after a scientist
The Doom Fishermen Hutchinson 1969
The Dominator Hutchinson 1969 No American edition listed
Manhunt for a General Hutchinson 1970 Dust jacket priced 18s net / 0.90 net
Where the Cavern Ends Hutchinson 1971 Illustrated by James Hunt
Reissued The Children's Book Club (1971)
The Infiltrator Hutchinson 1971 US: Doubleday 1971
A professional killer whose chosen weapon is his body
The Expurgator Hutchinson 1972 US: Doubleday 1973
The seventh Jonas Wilde eliminator novel
Appointment in Kiltone See Below 1972 Hutchinson Junior Books Ltd
A suspense novel for young readers
The Captivator Hutchinson 1973 US: Doubleday Crime Club 1974
Story is ship based
The Fascinator Hutchinson 1975 US: Doubleday 1975
A maritime ship based mystery
Dark Passage Hutchinson 1976 US: Doubleday 1977
French Riviera, yachts and beautiful girls !
Tallant for Trouble Hutchinson 1977 US: Doubleday 1977
Book set in the West Indies
Tallant for Disaster Hutchinson 1978 US: Doubleday 1978
Thriller set in the West Indies
The Combination Severn House 1984 Dust jacket priced 7.95
Tallant for Terror Severn House 1995 "The long-awaited return of Munroe Tallant"
Tallant for Democracy Severn House 1996

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Andrew York Author Biography - Information About the Author
Andrew York is a pseudonym of Christopher Robin Nicole who was born in 1930 who also wrote as Robin Cade.
These books are available and are relatively common, though VG+ to near fine copies in dust jacket are not always easy, many ex-library copies of the UK editions.
Plenty of paperback reprints for readers. We've noted the books published in America as and when known/applicable.

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