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This Andrew Wood bibliography or checklist features the mystery or crime fiction titles.
American editions are listed when applicable.
When more than one book appears in the same year we cannot guarantee precise chronology at present
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Isle of Enchantment Herbert Jenkins 1925  
Cinderella All Alone Herbert Jenkins 1926  
The Misleading Lady Cassell 1926  
Odds Against Her J Leng 1929 People's Friend Library 233
Hell for Leather Jarrolds 1930  
Wed for Wealth DC Thomson 1931 Red Letter Novels 271
Bright Angel Ward Lock 1933 US: 1933 Dutton
Her Second Self DC Thomson 1933 Red Letter Novels 326
White Sin Ward Lock 1933  
 Red Square Ward Lock 1934 US: 1934 Dutton
Ten Peacocks Ward Lock 1934  
I'll Blackmail the World Hodder Stoughton 1935  
Hangman's Child Hodder Stoughton 1936  
King Vagabond As Above 1936  
Not Proven Castle Ditto 1936  
Release the Prisoner Hodder Stoughton 1937 Dust jacket priced 7/6
It's Easy to Kill Hodder Stoughton 1939  
Blind Man's Buff Herbert Jenkins 1939  
Stick at Nothing Ditto 1939  
There Is No Ogpu Herbert Jenkins 1940  
Sinners' Castle Herbert Jenkins 1941  
Castle Dangerous Cherry Tree 1941  
The Man Who Came Back Cherry Tree 1942  
The Midnight Road Mellifont 1943  
Murder at the wishing Well As Above 1944  
Red-Handed They Came Mellifont 1945  
Sinister Island Cherry Tree 1945  
Street Paved with Water Cherry Tree 1946  
The Four Pitiful People Hurst Blackett 1947 Dust jacket priced 9s 6d net
Port of Little Ships Hurst Blackett 1947  
Big Ben Struck Twelve Hurst Blackett 1948  
The Prom Concert Murders Hurst Blackett 1948  
Eros Is No Hangman Hurst Blackett 1949  
The Little Widow Murder Fiction House 1949  
The River Will Hide Me Cherry Tree 1949  
Volcano Island Venture Books 1950  
Deep Flows the River Mellifont 1950  
Phantom Railway Muller 1954  
Judgement Castle Dragon Books 1955 Blue cloth, gilt. Jacket 6/-
Murder by the Minute Dragon Books 1955  
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Further Information
Andrew Wood, also goes by S. Andrew Wood on some titles was born in 1890 and had the following series characters: Koregorvsky, Sasha and Magnus Keeble. If you know any more about this writer please do drop us a line.


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