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Andre Latour Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Streets of Paris Gaywood Press 1952
Ecstasy Gaywood Press 1952
Temptation Gaywood Press 1952
Desirable Gaywood Press 1952
Flame of Desire Gaywood Press 1952
Nightfall Gaywood Press 1952 Cover artist Vibart
Bought Love Kaye Publications 1953
The House of Sin Kaye Publications 1953
Too many Lovers Kaye Publications 1953
Passion's Mistress Kaye Publications 1953
Shameless Kaye Publications 1953
The Passionate Prude Kaye Publications 1953
Passion's Mistress Kaye Publications 1954
Paris Honeymoon Kaye Publications 1954
Surrender Kaye Publications 1954

Cover Artist: Vibart

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Andre Latour Author Biography - Information About the Author
Andre Latour is a pseudonym of Gordon William Sowman according to the British Library.
This bibliography contains every books held by the British Library and the other main national reception libraries, we've been unable to find any titles elsewhere, so this is, possibly, a complete list of books in order.
This isn't the first time publishers in this genre have played the French Card by claiming an author to be French or a book is translated from the French edition, simply a marketing gimmick to suggest the books were perhaps racier than would normally be found in Britain.
If you know of any other titles not listed here then please do email us the details and we'll update this bibliography.
Book collectors wil be only too aware how rare books are in this genre, especially in decent collectable condition.

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