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Amelia Reynolds Long
Series Characters: Peter Piper, Steve Carter & Edward Trelawny

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the crime and mystery fiction titles
When multiple books published in the same year chronology is currently unsure
She is a collectable author, with nice first editions in jacket attracting strong prices
Many of the titles benefit from some superb period artwork which certainly adds to their appeal
American editions precede in all cases, many titles saw no British edition
UK first editions are scarce, many having gone to Public Libraries

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Buy Books by Amelia Reynolds Long

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Shakespeare Murders Phoenix 1939 UK: 1945 Grafton
Murder Times Three Phoenix 1940 UK: 1950 Foulsham
Invitation to Death Phoenix 1940 UK: The Carter Kidnapping Case
The Corpse at the Quill Club Phoenix 1940 UK: 1945 Grafton
Four Feet in the Grave Phoenix 1941
Murder Goes South Phoenix 1942
Murder for Scripture Phoenix 1942
Death Wears a Scarab Phoenix 1943 UK: 1946 Quality Press
Murder to Type Phoenix 1943
The Triple Cross Murders Ziff Davis 1943 UK: 1947 Wells Gardner
Death Has a Will Phoenix 1944 UK: 1950 Gerald Swan
Symphony in Murder Ziff Davis 1944 UK: 1953 Quality Press
Murder for Treason Phoenix 1944 UK: 1948 Pemberton
Once Acquitted Phoenix 1945 UK: 1947 Quality Press
Death Looks Down Ziff Davis 1945
Murder By Magic Phoenix 1947 UK: 1956 Grafton
It's Death My Darling Mystery House 1948
The Corpse Came Back Phoenix 1949
The House with Green Shutters Phoenix 1950
The Lady Saw Red Phoenix 1951

Dust Jacket Artist: D. Williams

Amelia Reynolds Long Biography
Amelia Reynolds Long, born November 25, 1904 and died March 26, 1978 was an American author who used multiple pseudonyms including: Patrick Laing, Adrian Reynolds, Peter Reynolds. She also co-wrote books with Edna McHugh as Kathleen Buddington Coxe. She also wrote Science Fiction titles which we've not covered in the bibliography.


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