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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Crouching Men Wright & Brown 1933
The Knife Terror Wright & Brown 1934
The Baying Hound Wright & Brown 1934 Reprinted by Mellifont Press 1935
Hate Island Wright & Brown 1934
The Man who Didn't Exist Wright & Brown 1935 Reprinted by Soloway 1943 then Halle 1947
The Messengers of Death Wright & Brown 1935 Reprinted by Halle 1944
Stratosphere Express Wright & Brown 1936 Not listed by Hubin
Reprinted by Mellifont Press 1937
The Beach of Skulls Wright & Brown 1937 Dust jacket priced 3/6
The Black Matador Wright & Brown 1937 Reprinted by Mellifont Press 1939

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Alroy West Author Biography - Information About the Author
Alroy West looks like a pseudonym to us and we know nothing about this author's life.
We've included all the books held by the British Library as well as those in Hubin.
There are no books held by the American Library of Congress under this author's name.
The books are rare, especially in dust jacket, expect superb period dust jacket artwork given the publisher and period.
Beware of reprints, we've noted the ones to watch and they're all held in the British Library.

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