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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder in Hospital World's Work 1944  
Mirrored Murder Fiction House 1945  
Murder Brewing World's Work 1947 Blue paper covered boards,
Orange cloth spine. Jacket priced 5/-
Murder at Out-Patients World's Work 1948  
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Dust Jacket Artist: not known

Further Information
The main series character is Paul Chisholm.
We regret to say that we can find nothing about this author's life, not even his date of birth. If you do know anything that is guaranteed accurate please do get in touch. We would also be very pleased to hear from any family members or publishers who could help us preserve this author for posterity.

Blurb from Murder Brewing
There have been many doctor detectives in recent years, and Paul Chisholm, M.S., M.D., D.P.H.. Home Office Expert, is a worthy addition to the list. Regular readers of the Master Thriller Library will remember his clever scientific investigation and even cleverer deductions an Murder in Hospital. Here he faces sterner odds and a more complicated problem to unravel the confused skein of crime covering the operations of a shrewd gang of black marketeers who did not shrink from murder to implement their great gains. The beautiful wife of the '' Boss'', who made men her slaves, but who, by a sad trick of fate, assisted in the one crime which made her soul-sick and heartbroken, adds a tragically attractive character to the crew of criminals. The local squire, divine as well as doctor, is also an outstanding and memorable creation.

Classic Crime Fiction

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