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Alexandra Roudybush Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Alexandra Roudybush Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Before the Ball Was Over Doubleday 1965 Set in Washington. UK: Robert Hale 1966
Published in UK as: A Season for Death
Death of a Moral Person Doubleday Crime Club 1967 Set in Paris
British edition: Robert Hale 1968
A Capital Crime Doubleday 1969 Set in Washington DC
The House of the Cat Doubleday Crime Club 1970 Set in Paris
UK: New English Library 1975
A Sybaritic Death Doubleday 1972 Set in Washington DC and Turkey
UK: New English Library 1972
UK dust jacket priced 2.50
A Gastronomic Murder Doubleday 1973 Set in France
UK: New English Library 1974
Suddenly in Paris Doubleday 1975
Female of the Species Doubleday 1978 Based in Paris
Blood Ties Doubleday Crime Club No British edition

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Alexandra Roudybush Author Biography - Information About the Author
Alexandra Brown Roudybush was born in 1911 and is a Huboin listed author.
Book collectors should be able to put together a full set of American first editions in dust jacket for a reasonable price.
UK editions are noted as and when applicable, all held in the British Library are listed.
As so often happens, ex-library copies are an issue fo rthose seeking the British hardcover first editions.

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