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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Gently Does It Cassell 1955  
Gently By the Shore Cassell 1956  
Gently Down the Stream Cassell 1957  
Landed Gently Cassell 1957  
Gently Through the Mill Cassell 1958  
Gently in the Sun Cassell 1959  
Gently with the Painters Cassell 1960  
Gently to the Summit Cassell 1961  
Gently Go Man Cassell 1961  
Gently Where the Roads Go Cassell 1962  
Gently Floating Cassell 1963 Black cloth, silver lettering. DW 13/6
Gently Sahib Cassell 1964  
Gently with the Ladies Cassell 1965  
Gently North West Cassell 1967  
Gently Continental Cassell 1967  
Gently Coloured Cassell 1969  
Gently with Innocents Cassell 1970  
Gently at a Gallop Cassell 1971  
Vivienne Gently Where She Lay Cassell 1972  
Gently French Cassell 1973  
Gently in Trees Cassell 1974  
Gently with Love Cassell 1975  
Gently where the Birds are Cassell 1976  
Gently Instrumental Cassell 1977  
Gently to a Sleep Cassell 1978  
The Honfleur Decision Constable 1980  
Gabrielle's Way Constable 1981  
Fields of Heather Constable 1981  
Gently Between Tides Constable 1982  
Amorous Leander Constable 1983  
The Unhung Man Constable 1983  

Further Information
Alan Hunter was initially a farmer before becoming an antiquarian bookseller, eventually running his own bookshop. His books were all published in Britain before the US, there are some alternate US titles and some stories appeared in Omnibus form. All the UK editions benefit from attractive dust jackets and are sought after by collectors.

Classic Crime Fiction

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