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Al Bocca Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Blonde Dynamite Scion 1950
Dead on Delivery Scion 1950
Slaughter in Satin Scion 1950
Sinner Takes All Scion 1950
She was No Lady Scion 1950
It's Your Funeral Scion 1950
The Long Sleep Scion 1950
City Limit Blonde Scion 1950
Curves for Danger Scion 1950
A Dame Ain't Safe Scion 1950
Dead on Time Scion 1950
Sudden Death Scion 1951
Easy Come, Easy Go Scion 1951
No Dice ! Scion 1951
The Coffin Fits Scion 1951
Let's Face it ! Scion 1951
The Harder they Fall Scion 1951
Deadly Earnest Scion 1951
Wait for it, Pal ! Scion 1951
A Gun for Company Scion 1952
Let's Not Get Smart Scion 1952
Black Morning Scion 1952
Sorry You've Been Shot ? 1952
Dressed to Kill Milestone 1952
Any Minute Now Scion 1952
Ticket to San Diego Scion 1953
Requiem for a Redhead Milestone 1953
Blonde on Ice Milestone 1953
Double Trouble Milestone 1953
The Slick and the Dead Milestone 1953
Trouble Calling Milestone 1953
All or Nothing Milestone 1953
A Corner in Corpses Milestone 1954
No Room at the Morgue Milestone 1954

Cover Artist: Ferrari

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Al Bocca Author Biography - Information About the Author
Al Bocca is a pseudonym of Bevis Winter who also wrote as Peter Cagney and Gordon Shayne.
Al Bocca's bibliography has been a complicated list of books to put together with many of the books listed above not in the British Library or Oxford University Library et al.
The first edition books are rare and much sought after by pulp collectors and those book collectors who appreciate the cover artwork in this genre during this period.
The fragile nature of Al Bocca's pulp paperbacks means few survived and many of those that did aren't in great condition so would-be collectors shouldn't be too picky.
If you know of any Al Bocca books not in the list above then please do email us the details and we'll update this bibliography.

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