Herbert Adams

The Judas Kiss

Macdonald 1955
Wrapper artwork by Mudge Marriott

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How a murder was done may sometimes present as great a problem as who did it. The young Michel-mores were an unconventional family: Garnet, the eldest, a zealous curate; Jasper, an unorthodox artist; Emerald, an ambitious writer enamoured of a successful author; Pearl, the youngest, wooed by a young doctor and also by a fascinating- man with one defect—he was already married. George, the father of the four, abroad to recuperate after a long illness, suddenly announced his impending return with a second, entirely unknown wife. The "welcome home" barely concealed the consternation and resentment he occasioned. Roger Bennion chanced to take the next door house for the summer. He and his wife became friendly with their neighbours but were soon aware of tension and hidden secrets. And when murder was done, Roger found himself still more closely involved in the Michel-mores' affairs. Here is an absorbing-detective story in Herbert Adams' best manner.

Classic Crime Fiction

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