Herbert Adams

Death on the First Tee

Macdonald 1957
Wrapper artwork by Stein

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Herbert Adams     Stein

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George Michelmore, an elderly widower with a grown-up family, went abroad after an illness and returned unexpectedly with a young and beautiful bride. The family—Garnet, a curate; Jasper, an artist with unconventional ideas; Emerald and Pearl, daughters whose love affairs were somewhat irregular—lived with their father and did not receive the newcomer gladly. She did her best to be friendly, but, when Death stalked into the home, pretence vanished. Roger Bennion had chanced to take the house next door for the summer, and with the aid of his handy-man, Ben Orgies, he started to investigate. "Altogether a satisfying piece of detection, with a nice concern for filling in the characters."— British Weekly. "A clever plot, lively dialogue and splendid characterisation combine to make this another Herbert Adams winner and a detective story which concerns itself as much with how the murder was done as with who did it."— Bournemouth Daily Echo. "A clever drama told in an agreeably concise style."—FRANCIS GRIERSON (Daily Mail}.

Classic Crime Fiction

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