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The following Achmed Abdullah bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Red Stain Hears 1915  
The Blue-Eyed Manchu. Shores Shores 1917 UK: Hutchinson 1923
The Honorable Gentleman Putnam 1919  
The Man on Horseback McCann 1919  
The Trail of the Beast McCann 1919 English: Hutchinson 1921
The Mating of the Blades McCann 1920 UK: 1921 Hutchinson
The Benefactor's Club Lloyd 1921  
Alien Souls McCann 1922 UK: 1923 Hutchinson
A Buccaneer in Spats Hutchinson 1924  
The Remittance-Woman Garden City 1924  
The Bungalow on the Roof Mystery League 1931  
The Veiled Woman Liveright 1931 British title: Hurst 1931 as
The Lady in the Veil
Fighting Through Warne 1933  

Achmed Abdullah Biography - Further Information
Achmed Abdullah was a pen -name of one Alexander Nicholayevitch Romanoff who was born in Russia, 12.5.1881 to 12.5.1945. Under this name he also worked as a screenwriter and also wrote some non-criminous works which we have not covered here. He was a very interesting man who had an amazing life. Related to a Russian Czar, fought in the British army and also spied for the British.

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