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A D Divine Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Sea Loot Methuen 1930 US: McBride 1931
Graveyard Watch Methuen 1931
Pelican Island Methuen 1932
Dark Moon Methuen 1933
They Blocked the Suez Canal Methuen 1935 US: Furman 1936
Seventy Fathoms Treasure Newnes 1936
Admiral's Millions Methuen 1936
Diamond Coast Methuen 1936 Not in Hubin
Escape from Spain Methuen 1936
wings Over the Atlantic John Lane 1936
Fire in the Ice Blackwell 1937 US: Houghton Mifflin 1938
Lawless Voyage Hodder & Stougton 1937 Paperback original
The Pub on the Pool Collins 1938
Terror in the Thames Collins 1938
Slack Watch Collins 1939
U-Boat in the Hebrides Collins 1940
The Fighting Tramp John Murray 1940 Not in Hubin. Non-fiction
Behind the Fleets John Murray 1940 Not in Hubin. Non-fiction
The Marchant Navy Fights John Murray 1940 Not in Hubin. Non-fiction
Tunnel from Calais Collins 1942 US: Macmillan 1943 as David Rame
Navies in Exile John Murrya 1944 Not in Hubin. Non-fiction
Dunkirk Faber 1945 Not in Hubin. Non-fiction

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A.D. Divine Author Biography - Information About the Author
Arthur Durham Divine was born in 1904 and also wrote under the pseudonyms David Rame and David Divine.
We've included some of the author's non-fiction books for the sake of completion.
The Hubin listed novels are rare in dust jacket.

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